Original Jack3D Formula Returns on the Worldwide Market


After Jack3d got banned from the market they got a green light to produce the original formula including the ingredient DMAA again and bring it back on the worldwide market (U.S.A,Australia,Canada,Europe,Asia etc.)

The reason why they got allowed to return the banned version including DMAA is because like every other medicament and supplement it has a label recommendation and  it turned out that the soldiers who have died had pre-existing medical conditions and did NOT follow the instructions.

Jack3d is Still Available Here Online in the US! 

The largest distributors are starting to carry it again, so you should start seeing it in stores in the end of july 2013. Secret Sources reported that the new produced Jack3d price will increase up to 10% (the price is still like 40% cheaper online).

What Started the News of Jack3d Getting Banned?

Source: http://www.jack3d.org/banned

There have already been two incidents that are pushing the authorities to have Jack3d banned. In 2011, two soldiers died after suffering from heart attack while performing training exercises. The United States Army Spokesman revealed that traces of DMAA were found in their bodies, which were linked to kidney and liver failure.

It’s important to note that these soldiers were using the product against the label’s recommendations – they had pre-existing medical conditions and did NOT follow the instructions. USPLabs has proven in 7 different studies that Jack3d is in fact safe when used properly by healthy individuals.

However, authorities are still considering the ban of because of the DMAA. 1,3 Dimethylamylamine was originally extracted from geranium, and 3rd party lab tests have shown that it is truly part of the stem and oil of the geranium plant. It has been considered one of the most effective but questionable ingredients over the past years. It has been the darling of bodybuilders and weightlifters.

It is worth reading the above discussion again to get a little bit of perspective of some of the problems being faced. While USPLabs continues to show that this product is safe when properly used., just like TONS of other products approved by the FDA that are far more dangerous than pre workout supplements… taking too much can result in issues. Not following the label can result in issues. Using it without a doctor’s supervision can result in issues. All things that are discussed on the label and all over this site.

We know that nearly everyone is responsible with Jack3d. Over one billion servings of this and OxyELITE Pro have been used with no problems. Whether the FDA can reason with the fact that this is a natural substance that has incredible properties, yet comes with some responsibility, is to be determined.

 That´s the Soldier who died from Jack3d.

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