Bodybuilder Shot A 20 Year Old Guy For Asking Him “Do You Even Lift?”


A 25 year old Bodybuilder who was hitting the “Gold´s Gym” on a monday morning  in South Carolina (Charleston) was offended by a 20 year old random guy on the parking place after arriving to his local gym. When the random guy asked him for no reason “Do You Even Lift?” the Guy did not hesitate and ran angry to his Car to get his gun out and shot the offender in his left knee.

The police asked the shooter why he has done that, he admitted that he was busting his ass off  for his bodybuilding competition and couldn´t handle such a statement from someone who doesn´t even look like he could lift a coke bottle.

Doctors also found out that the shooter consumed  a overdose of a strong pre-workout which has been found in his blood and might caused his rage and unconscious acting.

The victim has been hospitalized and feels better now.

and the moral of it is - Don´t underestimate a bodybuilders feelings !

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